*Exhibitors and Manufacturers’ Reps must be Advanced Textiles Association (ATA), formerly IFAI, members to attend the convention.

Contact the Advanced Textiles Association to discuss membership rates at 800 486 3947 or email You can also access membership information at:

Which Registration Type is Right for Me?

Exhibitors: Also known as manufacturers. They make/distribute products to the market. Wholesalers are their primary customers.

Manufacturers’ Rep: Independent salespeople who represent the exhibitor companies and call on wholesaler companies. Usually, a rep will represent many different product lines, so many exhibitors share the same reps.

Wholesalers: Buy from the exhibitor companies and sell to end user/trimmers.

Guest: Spouse or guest of an exhibitor or wholesaler. “Guest” is referred to as a spouse, friend, family member, retiree, etc. CANNOT be an active company/person in the industry. Does NOT participate in the buying or selling of material.